Every patient has the right to ask questions which will help them better participate in their own care.

These questions will not only help in making an informed decision, your knowledge of and engagement in

your care may keep you safer and healthier as you navigate the healthcare system.

Topic 1: Getting to know your doctor

  1. Do you mind if I record this conversation for my use?

  2. How long have you been in practice?

  3. With which hospital(s) are you associated?


Topic 2: Understanding the Treatment Plan

  1. What are my treatment options? Do I really need this treatment?

  2. What would happen if I do nothing? Why is this the best treatment for me?

  3. What benefits/risks are associated with this treatment? How often have you encountered any of these problems?


Topic 3: Understanding the Medication

  1. For what condition is this medication being prescribed? Was the medication approved for this use?

  2. Is this medication specific to my condition? What other effective drug may be available that is specifically related?

  3. What are the risks associated with this medication? Why do you think the benefits outweigh the risks?

  4. Is this a new drug? If so, are there other medications that have been used longer which are also effective?


Topic 4: Understanding the Device

  1. How does the device work? Was it approved for this use? Do you have a model I can see?

  2. What materials are used to make the device? Can you refer me to any research related to this device?

  3. How long has this device been in use generally and by you? What are the success and failure rates?

  4. Why is this device the best choice for me?


Topic 5: Understanding the Surgery

  1. Will you personally be doing the entire surgery? How long will the procedure take?

  2. Who else will be participating or present in the room? Will a device company representative be present?

  3. What are my anesthesia options?


Topic 6: Understanding Recovery

  1. What preparations should I make for my recovery at home?

  2. Will I have any restrictions? What and for how long?

  3. What should I expect in terms of pain? How will my pain be managed?

  4. Will there be physical therapy after surgery? When will it start and where will that take place?