1. Title:  Patient Safety Action Network  (PSAN)


2.  The Problem:  Preventable medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Each year up to 440,000 patients lose their lives prematurely due to medical errors.  The number of patient deaths exceeds two full jumbo jets crashing every day with no survivors. Nationally, the number of patients who are harmed in hospitals is estimated at 8.8 million per year.


Preventable medical harm causes death, disability, physical, emotional and financial impact to individuals and families, and our communities, states, and country. The financial burden to the US economy could reach above $150 billion a year. We need to hold the healthcare system accountable and work with it to foster safe care.


Regulations and policies can potentially threaten patient safety and compromise transparency and accountability. Medical error affects people of all political affiliations and has always been a bipartisan issue. It affects the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the sick and the well.


3. Purpose:  Most of us have first-hand experience with medical harm and its impact upon our loved ones and ourselves. With this moral obligation and authority, we unite to eliminate preventable medical errors, to save lives, and to advocate and support policies that promote patient safety.


4.  Mission:  PSAN is a coalition of individuals and organizations consisting of patients who have been medically harmed, their loved ones, and concerned advocates.  With a unified voice, we focus solely on and with patients to raise awareness and to create accountability, transparency, and safer healthcare.


5.  Goals:

Our goals are to:

  • ·   Eliminate healthcare acquired infections and medical harm

  • ·   Defend the basic human right to evidence-based health care

  • ·   Promote public transparency about medical errors

  • ·   Promote patient-centered care and informed decision making

  • ·   Educate the public on patient safety

  • ·   Advocate for adverse event reporting by and on behalf of patients

  • ·   Promote safe health care and products including pharmaceuticals and medical devices

  • ·   Defend healthcare policies that protect patient rights to safe care and stand against any policies that erode patient           safety

6.  Coalition Membership:  PSAN is a coalition of individuals and organizations consisting of patients who have been medical harmed, their loved ones, and concerned patient safety advocates.


7.  Structure:

Governing Body - Board of Directors will consist of at least 5 coalition members, elected by coalition membership every 2 years, with staggered terms after the initial election.

Individual Board Member Responsibilities:

 Be informed about and aligned with the organization's mission, goals, and action plans

 Committed to keep up-to-date on developments of the coalition projects

 Be available to attend scheduled board meetings

 Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings

 Be willing to serve on committees or take on project assignments

 Assist the board in carrying out its mission

 Inform the public about the PSAN.

Rules of Board Member Election - TBD.


8. Charter Revision:  The Board will review the charter every two years and revise it as needed. Revisions will be approved by the majority of coalition members.


9. Committees:  TBD (Potential committees: Media/Outreach Committee; Fundraising Committee; Action Organizing Committee; Membership Committee; etc.)


10. Dissolution: The coalition can be dissolved by a majority vote by the membership

Patient Safety Flag, created by Ilene Corina