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These stories were submitted by individuals. They have not been checked by the Patient Safety Action Network for accuracy. The stories reflect the views and opinions of those who have submitted them.  

Contracted MRSA while inpatient

They ignored her alarms until she coded.

Severely sickened by post-operative administration of known allergen.

Repeatedly improperly dosed and overdosed with rabies vaccine after being bitten by a bat.

Proper precautions not taken for pre-exisiting implanted device during unrelated surgery

Knee replacement results is HAI and removal of right leg

HAI pseudomonas, C-diff and DNR ignored twice

17 year-old deprived of oxygen during tonsillectomy at outpatient surgery center

HAI sepsis, failure to resuscitate and a botched surgery

Diaphragm and liver perforated by an improperly placed a chest tube.

Ativan overdose causes inpatient death

Unable to get a straight answer

Knee Replacement and HAI MRSA

Surgical Mesh Victim

Contracted Hepatitis C from an Oncology Clinic

Too-small trach slipped out of a new stoma, causing loss of oxygen and brain damage

Lack of Information and a secondary Injury

Serious harm from a medical device

What one medical error did to my daughter​ ​

15 year old victim of healthcare-acquired MRSA pneumonia

Hospitalized for back pain. The wrong medication and poor monitoring led to his death.

Victim of MRSA pneumonia  ​

First, do no harm.

The Terrible Triad of the Elbow

Multiple HAIs, yet not one was counted.

Black box drugs without Informed Consent

Alicia Cole

Survivor of hospital-acquired sepsis, pseudomonas, MRSA, VRE and necrotizing fasciitis

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Hip implant surgery results in 2 HAIs. Infections still being treated a year later.

Subsequent surgery and permanent disability resulting from hospital refusal to treat infection

Vocal cord injury sustained during abdominal surgery

HAI C-diff caused removal of large portion of colon.

Sub-standard nursing care caused injury, discomfort and delayed recovery

Post operative HAI staph infection results in long and difficult recovery