Medical Board Roundtable

The Medical Board Roundtable, a PSAN committee, is a national coalition of patient and consumer advocates interested in increasing public awareness and responsiveness of state medical boards to patients, families and the public. We are also broadly interested in physician performance, oversight and accountability. 

New: What is a State Medical Board PSAN-IPI 7-13-21


Bibliography on State Medical Board issues including reports, state and national newspaper articles and other items

The Consumer View: State Medical Boards (December 2019) Presentation to the Citizen Advocacy Center

 Columbus Dispatch Opinion: It's More than Strauss: How to Fix a Broken System (December 2019)  


We have conducted a number of projects and reports addressing these issues:


Presentation to the Federation of State Medical Boards Meeting

Information sent to all US Governors to consider in appointments process

A report of Consumer Reports and the Informed Patient Institute

For more information about the Medical Board Roundtable, please contact Carol Cronin, Executive Director, Informed Patient Institute,

410-268-0189 or