Kathy Day, RN

Kathy Day RN is retired and now works as a volunteer Patient Safety Advocate. Currently she affiliates with the Right Care Alliance promoting accessible, affordable, high quality Healthcare as a human right. She serves as a consumer advisor with the Maine Health Data Organization, working on the Compare Maine ratings and cost website. She also serves as a consumer representative on the Maine CDC HAI committee. She has joined with the AFL-CIO and AARP to help salvage the ACA, simultaneously supporting improved Medicare for all. Kathy’s work began in 2009 after her father John P McCleary contracted a preventable MRSA pneumonia infection in the hospital. He became the third victim of MRSA that month, and all three died. Within a few months of her father’s death, Kathy engaged the Maine legislature and got a Maine law passed to screen all high-risk patients for

MRSA on hospital admission.


Kathy’s blog is http://mcclearymrsaprevention.com/