Patient Story

Frank Miller

Lack of Information and a Secondary Injury


About ten years ago, in my sixties, a urologist scared my wife an me into consenting to an immediate biopsy. He told us I probably had cancer, we should have an immediate biopsy, and should meet with him as soon as possible to see which treatment, if any, are appropriate . When the biopsy was over I fainted getting up from the table and fell on the floor injuring my hand. The doctor subsequently told me I was pasty and he should not have told me to get up. He brought in four women to observe me naked on th floor, for th incident report. No one helped me get up. no one took my vital signs no one even offered me water. When he called to tell me the biopsy was negative her told me I should take a heavy antibiotic for a month. He did not tell me about benign prostate enlargement until the atntibioti did not lower my psa. And then he lied, and the lie was covered up