Patient Story

Ron Francis

My doctor gave me MRSA

My right knee swelled up for some reason and when I was unable to see my orthopedic surgeon, I settled for a elderly partner.  He acted funny when he said it needed to be drained.  He left the room and returned with a needle and drained the fluid.  Oddly enough (I’m not lying) he tossed the needle into the nearby sink and gave me a band aid.  I was done, no medications.


The next day my leg started hurting and turning red. I happened to be seeing my family doctor that day and he gave me a script for an antibiotic and said if the surgeon wouldn’t write me a script on his own, to fill this one and take it.  I had to fight to see the surgeon and finally saw his PA.  He gave me a script and I took that.


I had a family trip and while about 500 miles from home I ended up in an emergency room in Kentucky.  That doctor took one look and said “your all mine”.  All of the operating rooms were busy so they operated on me in a regular bed in a private room.  They said I was too bad to wait.  They started antibiotics and had me rent a big car where I could keep my leg up and drive straight to my hometown doctor / hospital all night long. I had to get another dose of antibiotic within 10 hours.  They were waiting for me there and started what ended up being 4 weeks of daily doses at home thru a port in my chest.