Patient Story

Your Name: Mariama N Ali

Patient's Name/Relationship: Mariama N. Ali

City/State: Raleigh, North Carolina

When did event occur (what year)? September 26, 2018; October 10, 2018; October 26, 2018; October 30, 2018

Where did event occur? Other Location

What type of medical harm did you experience or witness? Provider Negligence

Please describe what happened. My experience at a local medical facility that treats the endocrine system is as follows: my prescription called to the wrong pharmacy; given another patients' lab results in my medical records; did not have privacy during intake and check out as the office is crowded and everyone can hear each other; waited 90 minutes to see the doctor as he was running late; physician took 30 minutes of the appointment time to locate my records/reports; on September 26, 2018, a biopsy was supposed to have been performed on me, FNA, but the doctor was running behind and I was being rushed to prepare for an invasive procedure because the doctor was not on schedule -out of concern for my welfare, I left; on October 10, 2018, this same physician perform the procedure but did not secure enough cells for determination of cancer or not - found out the doctor should have numbed the area more so that the process could have been performed properly but she appeared to have been short of time even on that day;I was charged over $100.00 co pay for a service performed that was not executed properly and I had to have a biopsy performed all over again at another facility; the treating physician who did the first biopsy advised me wrong by stating that I should not have another FNA for 3 months least a "false positive for cancer". Other physicians did not agree and I did have another biopsy performed at a different location who were very professional, properly numbed the area, and successfully performed the biopsy. Unfortunately, it may not even be a thyroid nodule as diagnosed...I may have cancer and the original treating physician on October 10, 2018, simply did not perform the procedure or properly diagnose the area. My experience has been sloppy, incompetent, medical service. Yet this facility wanted me to either give them my credit card or a $200.00 deposit in order to get an appointment in the future. 

What was the outcome of the medical harm issue? Serious or life-threatening injury