Patient Story

Your Name: Beverly Mioskowski

Patient's Name/Relationship: beverly Mioskowski/self

City/State: Glendale, WI

When did event occur (what year)? 2018

Where did event occur? Not Sure

What type of medical harm did you experience or witness? Healthcare-Acquired Infection

Please describe what happened. On 12/26/17 I had a right hip replacement. At first everything went very well, but less than one month later, I became very sick. The culprit: a staph infection. When I had to return to the orthopedic hospital for another operation to clear out the infection, an infectious doctor told me I got the infection in the operating room. When I asked how, he said the infection could have come from a variety of possibilities:any person in the operating room, a fan blowing on the open incision, and even from myself although no test prior to surgery showed I had any kind of infection in my body.I spent over six weeks with both an antibiotic pump and a wound vac attached to my right leg.A home health nurse came to my home three times a week during that period to do blood work and teach me how to correctly change the pic lines. The latter had to be done on a daily basis. At present, I am still on very powerful, oral antibiotics that often make me sick, extremely tired, and discouraged. I also have had to continue with physical therapy to help strengthen my legs. By the way, when I complained to the head of PT for the hospital(They were not very accommodating of a new schedule .), he told me he had no idea anyone who had surgery there had gotten a staff infection. The hospital to my knowledge had not informed him (and I suspect other hospital personnel )that there was even one case of staff infection. The hospital has a reputation of having a low infectious rate. 

What was the outcome of the medical harm issue? Serious or life-threatening injur