Patient Story

Name: Kathy McCarty

Subject: Have lost 2 younger sisters after surgeries gone awry, 

Message: Lorri, my younger sister went in for same day surgery, was sent home after laparoscopic surgeon deemed it to difficult, was told to come back Mon. to have gallbladder out. From bad to worse, c/o care, discharged, back 4 days later septic, finally drained 1500ml from peritoneal abscess, cultured for p-diff, discharged with PIC line for IV antibiotics and drain, had 8 weekly CT scan with contrast to change drain that was always clogged, then finally removed. Several days later went to family MD who DX was bladder infection & oral antibiotic, 2 days later admitted to different hospital & DX with 2 infections, still p-diff, discharged week later with new PIC & new at home antibiotic but died 3 days later at home. During all of this there was a large recall for infusion products and Saline used for SAS flush.