Patient Story

My name is Carlos G Boluarte.
In April 13, 2015 I was operated by Dr. Mayank Patel, at Tarzana Providence hospital,the surgery was a robotic nephrectomy. After the surgery I had the most frightening post operative experience of my life, I was Sure I was going to die in that operating room. I woke up strapped to the table ,gasping for air, and completely unattended. I was kicking and moaning trying to get some attention, but the nurses where to busy on their cell phones. Luckily the anesthesiologist ran back into the room and proceeded to remove the tubing so I could breath again. When I was transfer to the room, In one occasion I was left to bleed in the middle of the night by nurses that where more concerned with texting than taking proper care of their patients .Thank God my wife was with me day and night. I feel that cellular phones are very dangerous in a hospital environment and I wouldn't be surprise that they are to blame for many deaths in hospitals.
After my recovery I was unable to walk unassisted for more than a year. I believed I suffered a hypoxemic event, do to a lack of oxygen to the brain after the surgery. After a year I was able to walked without the cane, I no longer feel sure footed when I walk. I would like to call the attention of the medical establishment before it becomes a problem of epidemic proportions. Cell phones have no place in hospitals.