Patient Story


In October 2017 I was given a CT scan and an abcsess was found. Four days in hospital and drain removed with no CT scan or x-ray. The drain was hole was sewed up and three weeks later blood broke thru the former drain hole. Back to the hospital, the same procedure was performed except x-ray performed and I was released with a drain bag attached. Five days later I returned to the hospital and the drain was removed, a patch was put on the hole and I was told to leave it on for 48 hours , remove it and take a shower. Before the day was over drainage was running outside the patch.  I have seen 5 different hospital associated  doctors and they have told me it might take six months to heal so I keep changing the poopy bandage three times a day. The last doctor said I should have a PICC

Line installed to give the bowel a rest. He ordered the PICC line with no INR test. My family physician ordered another CT test and now I have another abcsess and am going to another hospital tomorrow. As an aside they gave me an IV with Zygos even though I am allergic to penicillin and it was on my list  of allergies.