Patient Story

Your Name: carole adams

Patient's Name/Relationship: david spouse

City/State: shelbyville ky 40065

When did event occur (what year)? 2017

Where did event occur? Outpatient Surgery Center

What type of medical harm did you experience or witness? Harm From a Medical Device or Implant

Please describe what happened. Your story will appear on our website exactly as you have written it unless there is a problem, in which case we will contact you for clarification. my husband had a shunt inserted in his brain for excess cerebral spinal fluid . The shunt was supposed to drain the excess off. About 10 days later he was running a fever and appeared disoriented and the medical staff at the rehab facility seemed oblivious. I took it upon myself to call the surgeons office and they sent me to a hospital for him to have a ct scan. It showed a possible infection. We went back to the hospital where the surgeon had performed the original insertion. Bacteria was found in the spinal fluid and the shunt was removed.

What was the outcome of the medical harm issue? Serious or life-threatening injury