Patient Story

Your Name: Charles Gallagher

Patient's Name/Relationship: self

City/State: Glendale/arizona

When did event occur (what year)? 2014

Where did event occur? Acute Care General Hospital

What type of medical harm did you experience or witness? Healthcare-Acquired Infection

Please describe what happened. Your story will appear on our website exactly as you have written it unless there is a problem, in which case we will contact you for clarification. I had some facial reconstructive surgery at Abrazo's Arrowhead Hospital after MOHS procedure for basal cell carcinoma and was released the same day. The next evening I had severe upper back & chest pain that worsened when I breathed or moved. I was advised by the surgeon to go to the ER at the same hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with pleurisy. I had follow-up with a pulmonologist who diagnosed me with nosocomial (hospital acquired) infection. I was put on steroids. 

What was the outcome of the medical harm issue? Serious or life-threatening injury