ProPublica Entrusts its FB Patient Harm Community to PSAN

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October 10 at 8:00 AM

Hi everyone! We are making a big announcement today: We are officially handing off the ownership of this group to the advocates from the Patient Safety Action Network!

As many of you know, ProPublica started this Facebook group in 2012 when I embarked on a major project related to Patient Safety with my colleague Olga Pierce. This group has been a big success - it’s a vibrant community.

ProPublica never intended to run the group indefinitely and I’ve been the sole moderator for the past several years - though I have had support from an awesome team here. We will continue our patient safety reporting, but felt it’s best for the group to hand it off to a team of patient safety advocates. The group will continue under their leadership. I will still be a member, but the group won’t have any affiliation with ProPublica.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them. But otherwise I am pleased to turn it over to the Patient Safety Action Network team: Lisa McGiffertHelen HaskellKathy DayYanling Yu and Rae Dallacqua Greulich. They have been long time members of this group and have a tremendous amount of expertise. They will follow up with more information about how they intend to lead the group, so stay tuned. And to learn more about them, see their website: We are thrilled that they are taking it over. Please congratulate them!

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Lisa McGiffert Admin · 
October 10 at 8:28 AM

Welcome to the new Patient Safety Action Network Community. PSAN is a new national patient driven, patient led coalition that grew out of the Safe Patient Project at Consumer Reports. For 15 years, that Project mentored and brought together people whose lives were changed by medical harm to use those experiences as catalysts to improve the safety of our health care system. Some of you are also members of PSAN’s existing FB group and many of you are familiar with the past work of members of this coalition.
We are excited and honored that ProPublica has asked us to lead this Patient Harm Community into the future. We aim to foster robust discussions that can lead to constructive changes to save patients’ lives. In many ways, our health care system is broken, especially in its failure to stop health care acquired infections, medical errors, dangerous physician care, and unsafe drugs and medical devices. But this failure is often not evident to the general public who are often unaware that medical harm, the third leading cause of death in the US, is mostly preventable. We have the power to do something about this. Our goal is to engage and organize advocates and the public to push for changes in our laws, regulations and practices to end medical harm.