Medical Board Roundtable Summary, 3/9/15


State Medical Board Website Update

Carol Cronin updated the group on the status of the Medical Board website project.  She noted that we have a recent addition to the team:David Kosterlitz – a recently retired IRS attorney.  David will work to identify disciplined doctors in each state so that reviewers can enter those names in the state's search function and see what information appears.  David introduced himself. 


The group then discussed the criteria.  We are starting with the orginal criteria from the 2006 Health Research Group/Public Citizen report. Carol and Lisa had met with David Swankin and Becky LeBuhn from CAC to discuss the criteria. Suggested clarifications, deletions and additions were sent to the Roundtable last week, asking for comments in advance. 


The group discussed each of the suggested criteria provided in advance as well as others offered during the meeting.  Carol/Lisa will finalize the criteria soon to get our reviewers (intern Daphne K. and Suzanne Henry) started on testing them.  We anticipate issues will come up as they are applied. 


Best Practices Update 

The idea of identifying medical board best practices was discussed.  During our last meeting, we talked about identifying a small number of best practices that our group (and possibly the wider CU Safe Patient Advocate group) could investigate and advocate for in their state.  The suggestion was made that we could use the 2014 FSMB Regulatory Trends report as a way to identify the 3 best practices.


Carol suggested that we hold off on this project both because we were quite busy on the website project and because we will most likely learn a fair amount about what is happening with state medical boards as we review and analyze medical board websites. In addition, Jean Rexford noted that she will incorporate the concept of best practices in work she's planning with Public Members through her work on the FSMB Board.  The group agreed this was a good strategy.


New York Physician Profile Update

Art Levin gave a brief update on the effort in NY to de-fund (approximately $1.2 million) the Physician Profile. He noted that they have received no response from Governor Cuomo's office regarding this, so they have targeted influencing the legislative process. Advocates have received good press attention to the topic.  Suzanne noted that CU has sent out information on this to their advocates in New York as well.


Supreme Court Decision on Dental Board in North Carolina 

David Swankin gave a brief summary of the recent Supreme Court decision in favor of the FTC against the NC Dental Board in terms of anti-competitive issues.  He noted several issues were important in the decision: 1) the way dental board members were appointed (the dental professional association nominated members to the Governor who then appointed them to the board). The court indicated that Board members were therefore “active market participants” which raises anti-competitive issues. 2)If the Boards are comprised this way, they then need to show that there is “active state supervision” or oversight (vs. being an independent agency).  The broader implications for health boards in terms of public members is being assessed. Our group may want to talk about this again in the future.


Next Meeting:  The next meeting of the Medical Board Roundtable will be Mon. April 13 at 4:00PM